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Vision Trust Creative

Music Business Professionals

Vision Trust Creative is a Music Production and Live Entertainment Company located in Titusville Florida.  We specialize in sync/production music for TV/Film/Streaming Media as well as providing live entertainment for corporate and private events.  We’re your one-stop music production and entertainment enterprise.  We have all the equipment and skills needed to make your music vision become a reality.  Imagine a custom-created song or cue embedded in your media (even a home video) - then performed LIVE at your corporate/private event or celebration.  Get in touch with us today.

Music for Sync Licensing

Next level productions for your TV/Film or streaming media project

We offer an extensive list of services for commercial and private clients alike. From short music cues to entire soundtrack creation, all of our productions are created, recorded, and mixed with the highest-quality sound engineering and equipment then delivered 'ready for synchronization' per industry standards.  Listen to examples of our work below, and get in touch to start 'soundscaping' with us today!



"Convergence" on Fret - Tension Underscore Vol. 4

John has NEW track on a compilation album of Epitome Artists - available NOW at Epitome Music for immediate sync licensing!

(click the album cover to listen)

Fret - Tension Underscore Vol. 4_cover.jpg
Electric Guitar

New Album Alert! 
Thrilling Sports Stadium Rock and Punk (vol. 1)

We have a HIGH ENERGY and BOLD new sync album release published by Epic Music LA of Los Angeles, CA.  

Thrilling Sports Stadium Rock and Punk Vol. 1 is available NOW for licensing.  Contact Epic Music LA by clicking HERE.

Thrilling Sports Stadium Rock and Punk (vol. 1)_cover (1).jpg
Music Equipment

Other Placements & Sync Licensing Products

We have production music with other music libraries, including Smash Tracks Music, Get It Done Music, and RVRSPLAY.  Silverdog Music (of Vision Trust Creative) produces Rock/Pop, Retro-rock, Acoustic Mood Music, and some Orchestral Hybrids.  Samples of our work can be found HERE

Other Music Production Services

Let us handle ALL of your music and sonic branding needs

Recording studio equipment

Custom Music Production - Production Music Library and Corporate

We can convert the idea in your head to music!  Whether you are a thriving production music library requiring a short-fused cue for a client brief, or a corporation that wants a sonic mnemonic, jingle or soundtrack to put your unique brand to music - we have you covered.

Music Project Management

Team with us - we'll direct the efforts for your next music project!  We have decades of leadership experience and much of that is specifically within the music business.  Truthfully, no project is too small for us.  We can help you orchestrate an entire online music session using our 'work for hire' business partners culminating in a finished, mastered project.

Making Music
Liesa in My Studio - 20220226.JPG

Session Work - Music and Voiceover

Let Liesa provide world-class vocals on your next project.  Ask John to cut some searing lead guitars on your next single.  Maybe it's a mandolin or bass part.  Perhaps, you need some high-quality tracking of voiceover parts for a presentation.  Or, you are all done at your home studio and need your stems mixed to your ear's desire.  We've got you covered.

Songs for Occasion and Soundalike Sonic Emulation

Want to create a musical memory for a special or a once-in-a-lifetime moment?  We can create and produce a CUSTOM song for ANY occasion (birthdays, anniversary, St. Valentine's Day, Holiday Seasonal).  Also, SOUNDALIKES have been in the sync licensing marketplace since the beginning.  If you need something that sounds like 'that song by...", we can clone the style (not the song) and help you develop that material in a manner that makes it similar but unique for copyright.  We do extensive research and can recreate specific recording and performance techniques of past eras to make it sound just like the era you are seeking.  Contact us for details and work samples.

Music Equipment
Grayback Ent Logo Montage_edited_edited.png

Live Entertainment

Choose the size and style of live performance for your corporate or private event!

At Vision Trust Creative, you can expect the highest-quality service from us.  We spend the extra time planning with you before your event - just so we get it right.  We want to know YOUR vision before a single note gets played.  Check out our entertainment options below, then contact us so we can let you know how we can help make your next event pop!

HH Mini Logo.png

WINNER - SAN DIEGO A-LIST's "BEST LOCAL BAND" & "BEST WEDDING BAND" in 2017! HITMAN HONEY is a female-fronted rock and dance band with extraordinary vocalists and musicians that is as diverse as it is talented! Specializing in the best music from the 70's and 80's but with a repertoire from the 50's to today, we can tailor a musical event to fit your needs!

XSP Mini Logo.png

Xpand your musical horizon with Xspanse, a bi-coastal acoustic duo with bases in San Diego and Central Florida, who deliver a world of musical genres, eras, and geographies to your event or venue!  We bring uniqueness and the musicality that will leave your guests saying "Wow!"

A tasteful hybrid of live performance and fully produced sound and lighting - you get the full-band BIG show in a smaller footprint and budget.  Contact us for details.

Solo Performance - Meliesa McDonell

Book a solo artist performance with Liesa, her voice is legendary - you will find yourself singing along in no time.  Contact us for details.

Contact Us

Titusville, FL

(858) 382-7453

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