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LiesaKat Music

is the workspace of musician Meliesa McDonell, whose specialty genres include Rock/Pop, Indie, Country, Ethereal, and other modern genres.   Additionally, she can do foreign language and character voice performances.  Liesa has been a professional vocalist for most of her life, with the motto: 


“Passion, power, and precision”  

Liesa co-manages and performs (vocals & guitar) in numerous live music performance projects.  She is also a freelance songwriter and vocal coach at the Silverdog Music studio in Titusville, FL.

In 2022, she formed Vision Trust Creative LLC, a music production and live entertainment company with partner John Naylor.


​Meliesa is currently affiliated with BMI.

Hi!  Here is the experience that I can use to help you:

Seasoned Online Performance Artist:

I have completed over 400 projects for an online music production platform.  Averaging about one project every week for the last five years, I also do custom client projects via Vision Trust Creative!

I know 'the studio'!

I am VERY experienced with the studio processes of performing, recording, rendering and prompt delivery of lead and background vocal stems to a client via cloud delivery systems!  My music education and experience allow me to help producers to create the ‘right’ vocal parts for a song - every time.

Published Songwriter:

I also write original material. Creating memorable melody and lyrics is my ‘thing’!

Passion, Power, and Precision

I can take your idea and turn it into reality.  Check out some of my work samples below, then contact me here to discuss the details of YOUR next masterpiece!

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